Lindsay’s Gift

Faith Learnings from a Girl with No Words

Published in April 2020, Lindsay's Gift shares moments of Lindsay's life journey as told by her dad, James F. McIntire. 

Lindsay’s quiet presence in life, in faith communities, in chance encounters, and in society has made a difference and will continue to do so. The words in the book are not Lindsay’s since she has none, but by her presence she has impacted everyone and everything around her.

From the author's Introduction:

While a memoir is an attempt at telling one’s life-story through moments and memory, remembrance and recollection, what I am sharing here feels to me like something of a spiritual memoir, some of my own faith story as it has been stretched and enlightened and enlarged by Lindsay’s disabilities and her lived life. And if I am at all successful, we will discover that our stories—yours and mine—even though they are mostly divergent also run parallel at times and even intersect at more moments than we might yet realize.

Excerpt from We Are Life Compatible

"... There it was again. Not life-compatible. That was becoming more and more their answer. The longer she stays inside, the safer she is, protected by the womb and the life it provided yet invading the womb to try any corrective procedure was probably not … life-compatible. The longer she stays inside, the larger her head size grows and the more dangerous it is for her, so getting her out early gives a chance to try fixing the problem but having her out this early might not be … life-compatible.

"The proverbial rock-and-a-hard-place. Except when it comes to the birth of your daughter who is neither rock nor hard place. ... "

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