Lindsay's Gift: An Access Fund

Lindsay's Gift is a unique, family-based fund offering small grants to congregations for accessibility projects making worship and congregational life more architecturally and attitudinally inclusive and welcoming for people with disabilities.


Lindsay Griffin McIntire's greatest gift is her ability to create relationships with a variety of worshipping communities, a gift which continues to provide a tangible presence and meaningful example of what it means quite simply "To Be," having been created in the image of God who is described as the "I Am."


Your financial gift will help make full inclusion in worshipping congregations a reality for people with disabilities and will impact the spiritual lives of all involved. Lindsay's Gift is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation so all donations are tax deductible. 


Lindsay Griffin McIntire was born in Philadelphia, PA on April 19, 1988. A congenital anomaly brought with it a variety of intellectual and physical disabilities. She is non-verbal and has limited cognative abilities yet she stepped out on faith and walked on her own for the first time when she was 9 years old while at her church and among the people who welcomed and accepted her. Lindsay attended the George Cruthers Memorial School, a program of CADES (Children and Adults Disability Educational Services) in Swarthmore, PA, graduating in 2010 at age 21. Since graduation, she has continued at CADES in the Adult Day Program.

Lindsay's Dad

The Reverend James F. McIntire is a United Methodist pastor serving churches in the Philadelphia area. He is committed to God's call for us to work for social justice, particularly to the full inclusion of people with disabilities in worshipping congregations, to protecting the civil rights of people with disabilities, and to creating a more inclusive society for all. In 1996, McIntire created the Center for Spirituality & Disability, a faith-based program designed to advocate for the critical role of spirituality in the lives of people with disabilities. He created Lindsay's Gift in 2002, funded by his personal contributions and family memorial gifts.

Memorial Gifts

Lindsay's Gift has been the beneficiary of several generous memorial gifts.

The memory of these beloved will live forever in providing greater access to worship. 



In Memory of Grace S. McIntire

Lindsay's Grandmother



In Memory of Ethel Whiteley

Lindsay's Great Aunt



In Memory of Laura E. Hallman

Lindsay's Great Aunt

Accessibility ~ Removing One Step at a Time